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Poker Club Tournament Director. The Ultimate Cat Herder.

"Poker Club is a knockout!"

Let's face it. For all the donkeys in poker, directing a tournament is really more like herding cats.

The Poker Club Tournament Director is the ideal end-to-end solution for running your amateur or professional poker tournaments.

Top 10 Features

       Dynamic poker timer with alarms
       Fully integrated with your Contacts
       Professional tournament structures
       Customizable rules for your game
       Easily track moves and knockouts
       Keeps tables and seats optimized
       Calculates cash and chip counts
       Mails game results to your players
       Enables tracking of league statistics
       Preserves state between launches

Poker Club's value has been proven in hundreds of poker tournaments. And now it has evolved into a full-featured, native iPhone application that puts the power of a professional Tournament Director right in your hands.

Poker is a game full of distractions, but Poker Club makes it easy to play and direct at the same time, especially if you're the host of your weekly home game.


Minimum System Requirements:

       iPhone or iPod touch 2.0
       Working email address

Still curious? Check out the Manual before you buy.

Then visit the iPhone App Store (either from your iPhone or from iTunes) to make your purchase.

Tell me more!

Poker Club includes plenty of professional tournament structures that your club can simulate or even customize.

Poker Club is fully integrated with the Contacts on your iPhone. It assigns seats randomly and in optimal patterns based on your equipment. As players are added or eliminated, multiple tables are easily built-up, kept in balance and broken down when necessary. When prompted, all you have to do is announce, "Table 2, move a player to Table 3." Or, "We're at the final table!"

Poker Club "Cashier" feature calculates your prize pool dynamically based on your settings for buy-ins, add-ons, rebuys, payouts, bounties, added money and any expenses, then presents them in an easy-to-understand summary. It calculates your payouts and even suggests chops. This makes it easy to manage the money in complex game structures.

Poker Club records your game's start time, end time, duration and number of seated players. And then for each player, it generates records that can be easily imported into a database so you can organize your poker club as a league. Poker Club records the game ID, final place, the finalist's name, who the finalist was knocked out by, the number of rebuys taken, the level during which the finalist was knocked out, the time seated, the time out, the total time played, the finalist's order out, the calculated league points awarded, the finalist's depth of field, the number of players the finalist knocked out, and the list of players the finalist knocked out.

Poker Club can then email these results to your players.

And soon Poker Club will be able to transmit real-time tournament status to any web browser so that your whole room can follow along.

More than just a poker timer.
Alarmingly simple.

Plays well with others.
Others from your Contacts.

Shuffles seats and merges tables.

Results oriented.
Mails performance data to players.

In a league of its own.
Includes professional structures.

Let the games begin!
Your games, your custom rules.
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