Welcome to Scenario RETROfilm. I’ve done or redone over 120 8mm films and here are just a few that aren’t private family affairs. You can also follow me on, where I’m known as Todd Ouzts.

2018 Aqualung
This was a 200-foot Super 8 B&W reel, from the 1976 box office megaflop “Mako: Jaws of Death.” I’m working on an all-new soundtrack, complete with ridiculous dialogue. Think “Bad Lip Reading.” And it just happens to be the same length as Jethro Tull’s “Aqualung.”

2016-11-08 Unhinged.
My first original score, laid over some demolition derby video I shot in Wyoming. But I imagine this is what goes on inside our President’s head every day.

1981 Headrush
Some of my animated and experimental films, set to music by The Police and Rush. My original screenplay, which won some acclaim at CSUN, was destroyed by my mother. I was getting was pretty good at stop-motion animation but I still struggled with studio lighting with my older Super 8 camera.

1980 Graveyard Shift
Working title: The McDonaldland Horror. Starring Matt Mead with Justin Finestone, Paul Elkort, Joel Adler, and Steve Krenik’s arm as “The Horror.” The story of one young man’s horrific consumption by Corporate America — and vice versa. The original soundtrack was just a cassette tape with me plinking random piano notes.

1979 McDonald’s: Turned Inside Out
Nobody can do it like McDonald’s can. And it’s a wonder we never got fired… Starring Justin Finestone, Steve Krenik, Gary ?, Chris Wilcox, Matt Mead, Allen Schlesinger, Shawn Tinoco, Timothy Smith?, Anne Adlin, Paul Elkort, Cheryl Quattlebaum, Chris Crowell, Joel Adler, Debbie Pearson, Ellie Feder, Chad ?, The Filet Lady, Steve Greuter, Laurie & Tony Kelly

1978 The Mr. Bill Show: The Trainee
This was my first crack at filmmaking, and naturally I mimicked something that was hot at the time. My take on the cult classic “Mr. Bill” — if he and his dog Spot had worked at McDonald’s in Westlake Village, CA. The original soundtrack was lost to time. It was basically me ripping off the Saturday Night Live bit on my cassette tape recorder. “Oh nooooooooo!” But I have added a new and improved soundtrack, and will soon add a new voiceover track as well.