007 – Les Femme d’Affaires

Script Breakdown

First, please read the current SCRIPT. Then use this page as a visual reference. It’s pertinent to understanding the project, since Hollywood scripting standards don’t accommodate pictures within scripts. But then… I just realized this might be more of a graphic novel.

Here are the film’s characters, sets and props in rough order of appearance. Everything is 1:6 scale, and is either exhaustively sourced or fabricated. And yes, the puppet bodies are anatomically detailed. So this stop motion film will be NSFW.

James Bondáge

James’ head sculpt. Yes, this is Sean Connery long after the 007 era.
James’ unlikely body (Phicen M31)
James’ very tight-fitting secret agent costume, circa 1962.

Amanda’s Lair

Amanda’s Lair room box
Shoji panels (before disassembly)
LED cherry blossom tree (visible through shoji panels)
Tatami mats (printed to scale)
Tea cabinet
Concubine bed
Red leather sofa

Sashimi (Sushi) Buffet

Sushi’s head sculpt
Sushi’s body (Phicen S24A)
Sushi’s Samurai costume

Amanda Münschon

Amanda’s head sculpt and “Niers Automatica”costume. Those dumb “swords” won’t be used.
Amanda’s body (Phicen S23B)
Amanda’s silver briefcase — if the Mona Lisa will fit inside
Amanda’s larger suitcase — if the Mona Lisa won’t fit inside her briefcase

The Louvre

Background plate for Amanda’s approach to The Louvre
The actual “Mona Lisa” wing at The Louvre
The Louvre set
Oak floor section (printed)
The Mona Lisa’s “security” enclosure (deframed)
The elliptical wood railing (cut in half)
Stanchion base (2-1/4″ funnels to make 14″ diameter bases for 3/8″ aluminum rods)
The statuary exhibit in the opposite corner from Amanda
And just down the hall…
Framed “Mona Lisa” (one of two copies)
Red LED alarm lights (animated to flash)

Kim Jung-Un’s Bunker

Kim’s concrete bunker wall texture (printed)
Kim’s head sculpt & glasses
Kim’s tunic (will modify as a fat suit)
North Korean flag
Kim’s metal chair
Kim’s metal table
Kim’s desk lamp
Kim’s laptop and hacking gear
Ivanka’s gift to Kim Jong-Un (hand-made)

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka’s head sculpt (will reuse a female body)
Ivanka’s costume
Amanda’s silver briefcase with 16 gold bricks


Background plate for airport check-in set
Flight attendant head sculpt (uses Sushi’s body)
Flight attendant costume
Airport luggage scale (works!)
Background plate for first class cabin
ANAL jet in flight

Amanda’s Lair

Sushi’s “welcome home” kimono
Sushi’s sushi platter
Lute table
Amanda’s silver briefcase full of diamonds
The folding screen James hides behind
James’ peasant kimono
Amanda & Sushi’s open moon bed (will be stained to match)
Sushi’s lingerie (maybe)
James’ “debriefable” briefs
The “uncomfortable wooden chair,” for James’ “torture”
Wash basin, for James’ jumper cables torture

Still Need

Alligator clips and wire for jumper cables scene. Easy though.

Unscripted Elements

1958 Vespa & side car
1958 Vespa & side car (reverse)
Scooter helmet #1 (movie theme)
Scooter helmet #2 (shark theme)