Terms of Service

We value our privacy at scenario.com, where we operate our own email server. So if you, your company or your affiliates send Unsolicited Commercial Email to any address at scenario.com, intentionally or otherwise, we will gladly store and process it for you on our server—for a fee.

That fee is only $100 per message, payable upon receipt. To avoid potential collection action, please remit payment within 30 days of invoicing.

Additionally, the members of scenario.com expressly do not agree to any “Confidentiality Statement” included with any communications addressed to and received by us. You hereby agree to hold all recipients at scenario.com exempt from any potential claim of damage, should any response from scenario.com be deemed to interfere with your business practices or relationships with any third parties. Any temporary or test account opened using a scenario.com email domain will shall free for scenario.com to use.

By spamming us, either directly or via a third party, you are agreeing to these Terms of Service.