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Today I applied for registered trademark protection on the name RETROvan™. If approved, I’ll be able to refer to it as the RETROvan®. My legal description is:

A vintage van or modernized “food truck,” originally marketed for the delivery of parcels, furniture, bread, milk, ice cream, etc., which commonly represents a design style known as “retro” and which may be used additionally today for various purposes including the marketing of unrelated goods and services (such as software), vintage car shows and personal or family recreation. The mark may additionally convey the act and the process of customizing or retrofitting such a vintage vehicle to attain the “retro” aesthetic, for hire or for posterity.

This morning over coffee, toast and homemade jam on the front porch, Olivia and I came up with two sets of textual labels that I’ll apply as decals under each porthole window. The labels are ostensibly descriptors for my software business’ goods and services.

These are part of my iOS “dock” theme, as the four porthole windows are designed and grouped to resemble app icons on the iPhone’s home screens. The die-cut decals will use Apple’s San Francisco font, of course.

The starboard side will describe my objective attributes:

Mobile     Architect     Designer     Engineer

While the port side describes my subjective qualities:

Nimble     Intuitive     Creative     Efficient

Who wouldn’t want to hire that person? The label groups also form interesting acronyms for those of you who are lexically adept. 🙂

We next proceeded to hang panel T7, in the aft ceiling cavity. This was pretty challenging because there wasn’t a very good foothold and it was hard to drill through the steel rear frame without proper leverage. But we got it done and it looks great. I just need to cut a hole for the rear door bolt so it’ll shut all the way.

Here’s the view from the cockpit. We won’t be doing much else today since it’s pushing 100° again here in Tigard. But last night we did enjoy watching some Batman and other retro TV in there during happy hour(s).

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