Amanda’s Minka

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Amanda’s Lair room box
Mahogany floor, shoji panels and stone wall — so far
Shoji panels (before disassembly)
LED cherry blossom tree (visible through shoji panels)
Tatami mats (printed to scale)
Tea cabinet
Concubine bed
Red leather sofa
Sushi’s sushi platter
Lute table
Amanda’s silver briefcase full of diamonds
The folding screen James hides behind
Amanda & Sushi’s open moon bed (stained to match)
1:6 scale potted cherry blossom tree
The “uncomfortable wooden chair,” for James’ “torture”
Wash basin, for James’ jumper cables torture
Customized Vespa with Sidecar, on inlaid jade patio set. Sushi shown for scale. The Kanji translates to “Divine Wind,” which is what the Kamikaze pilots wore in WWII.
1958 Vespa & side car
1958 Vespa & side car (reverse)
Scooter helmet #1 (movie theme) — BLACK, NOT BLUE
Scooter helmet #2 (shark theme)