Musee du Louvre

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Background plate for Amanda’s approach to The Louvre
Amanda’s silver briefcase — if the Mona Lisa will fit inside
Amanda’s larger suitcase — if the Mona Lisa won’t fit inside her briefcase
The actual “Mona Lisa” wing at The Louvre
The Louvre set
Chris Pratt won’t be in this scene, but shown here for scale.
Amanda will pose as a statuary exhibit in that corner, atop a pedestal TBD.
Oak floor section (printed)
The Mona Lisa’s “security” enclosure (deframed)
The elliptical wood railing (cut in half)
Stanchion base (2-1/4″ funnels to make 14″ diameter bases for 3/8″ aluminum rods) — DECIDED NOT TO DO
The statuary exhibit in the opposite corner from Amanda
And just down the hall…
Framed “Mona Lisa” (one of two copies)
LED overhead lights (4)