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Act 1

James meets Sushi and the two lovebirds really seem to hit it off.

Act 2

We get James’ obligatory title sequence and the setup for Amanda’s “Steals on Wheels” caper.

Act 3

Some familiar characters arrive to conduct some historical research.

Act 4

We find ourselves captive in the Bunker of Evil while Amanda crashes a VIP rave.

Act 5

Amanda skirts past the Ambassador to get paid, while he goes through some things.

Act 6

Amanda makes her way back to Tokyo with a briefcase full of treasure.

Act 7

Amanda and Sushi celebrate another successful caper.

Act 8

James is caught red-handed, and narrowly escapes a torturous situation.

Act 9

Kim and Dennis head back to Pyongyang with their loot, but they run into some big trouble.

Act 10

A News Director tries to make sense of our political landscape.