What is a RETROvan?

Great question. First, you start with a vintage vehicle like this beautiful old parcel delivery van that was used as a bread truck. Then you restore it with love, and customize it to suit whatever vision and purpose you want. That could be a home office, a mobile office, a studio, a home theater, a man cave, a bed & breakfast, a recreational vehicle, or even a food truck — whatever you want. The possibilities are endless.

Cool! How do I get me one?

Want to build your own RETROvan? I’m here to help. I can provide the following goods & services on a case-by-base basis:

  • Evaluation of your vintage vehicle
  • Custom 3D design
  • Sourcing of parts & materials
  • Outsourcing of specialized labor
  • Fabrication of custom interiors
  • Installation of system components

Hmmm, so what does it cost?

Well if you have to ask… Pick a budget. Any budget. My own RETROvan project was done for around $40K, where I did most of the non-engine work as sweat equity. I believe it would be worth $80K now in a private sale. But when you compare that with modern conversion vans, the same sized rig could easily cost you over $100K. By far, the biggest expense is labor and the time it takes to do things right.

My services are provided at $100 per hour, plus parts and any related expenses. If you’re interested, please contact me at and we can get started!

Todd Ouzts